Have you heard Coldplay's 'Yellow'?
Have you gone through the meaning?
And memorized the melody?

I don't think I've reached the stage when the frontman said,
"Do you know you know I love you so?"
Love is a dangerous, serious phase and I don't dare to
Declare that this is love
Because I barely know you
And we talked for only once.

I don't know how to tell you
That I've been admiring you
Everything that you do
It's crazy, weird, cool
You are one cool creature, I swear.

I hope you read this because
I cannot think of other ways
To actually let you know
How you've a role in someone's life
And you worth it.

If one day your friends leave you
And you have nobody
To talk to
I hope you remember
That it's alright to move alone
Because I've been there and still perfectly survived
The madness in this world.

Please read this,
So that I don't have to verbally let you know.

Let me write about you

Let me write about you
Through the night without stars
With a sip of a coffee
And a smile on your picture

Let me write about you
When your heart sinks in grief
With my old, cheap feather
Beautiful words, I give to you

Let me write about you
For you to keep
Inside the pocket of your jeans
So it won't be stolen

Let me write about you
But you insist
You don't want to
Because there is...

...someone else writing about you.