Have you heard Coldplay's 'Yellow'?
Have you gone through the meaning?
And memorized the melody?

I don't think I've reached the stage when the frontman said,
"Do you know you know I love you so?"
Love is a dangerous, serious phase and I don't dare to
Declare that this is love
Because I barely know you
And we talked for only once.

I don't know how to tell you
That I've been admiring you
Everything that you do
It's crazy, weird, cool
You are one cool creature, I swear.

I hope you read this because
I cannot think of other ways
To actually let you know
How you've a role in someone's life
And you worth it.

If one day your friends leave you
And you have nobody
To talk to
I hope you remember
That it's alright to move alone
Because I've been there and still perfectly survived
The madness in this world.

Please read this,
So that I don't have to verbally let you know.

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