EJCamp 2015, you will be missed.


This, is a very long long long post. Read at your own risk.

Aite. No poetic post for today.

I'd like to write about #EJCamp that I've joined on 27th February until 1st March 2015. If you ask me to describe the camp in song lyrics, I would go with HAVOC HAVOC HAV HAVOC HAVOC! ((menari macam Anwar Hadi))

It was beyond my expectation that this camp would turn out to be this enjoyable! Wait, don't get me wrong. I did expect it to be great but somehow it is GREAT-ER!! My favorite session is of course, Jungle Trekking & Rappelling! ((even though I screamed during rappelling & it was embarrassing))

Instead of writing about the activities, I would like to write about some of the campers and the campmasters in #EJCamp . ((I specifically state 'some' bcs I cannot manage to remember everyone sorry T_T))

Let us start with;

Kak Faiqah

When I got confused on how to set up the tent, she helped without me asking for it. To be more accurate, she offered herself to help me and my tent-mates to build our tent up. Nice, isn't she? I don't know why but I really like it when I sit beside her or when we got to walk together. She's just too nice to handle ;)

Hadi Farhan

The pelikat guy. He is one of my group leader ((Lincoln group)). I just knew that he's living at the same place as mine which is at Putrajaya and he apparently gave me the location of his house LOL ((bruh wait for my sem break nanti gua fetch lu kita pi Starbucks k)). He is funny, indeed. He is 18, but looks like 24 kahkahkah no it's because his sideburns are obvious so that's why


EJ 1. The Program Manager, the starter of EnglishJer. He's funny, spontaneous, brilliant, sleeps a lot when we were jungle trekking & screamed during rappelling wkwkwkwk ((OMG EJ I AM SORRY))


This girl, is hyper. I repeat, hyper. I've once thought she took weed before she arrived at the campsite ((lol no baby jk I gurau je)). And she managed to sleep in the jungle after rappelling, woke up for a while to play Green Glass Door & went back to sleep & I don't know how did she do that


My senior in IIUM. Now if you think sisters in IIUM are all soft-spoken and stuffs, you better take a look at this girl. She teased people a lot & she always came out with jokes. Her tent-mate is Nasa and Afi called herself as the stars lol


My groupmate. Also an IIUM student. He's not a player ok everyone that is the wrong fact. One thing that I spot about him, every time he wanted to take picture, he will remove his glasses. And he's good in Two Truth One Lie game!


She's one cool lady. I don't know why but I just like her style. Simple, but cool. And I like her name. And we actually introduced each other when we were in the bathroom lol


One of the campmasters and he's currently studying in New Zealand which is my favorite country omg!! Honestly, I am inspired by his words and advices. He's super humble and he treated us more like his friends rather than campers


This guy is fab. He even wore jubah when we were waiting for other campers at KL Sentral and I was like "wow we're going to a camp and this guy is wearing jubah". Oh and, I like his hair


My tent-mate. Gosh she is as funny as my last relationship ((wow look at what Jamal Raslan's session did to me)). She screamed at almost of every outdoor activities at the camp & she turned miserable when she got panicked especially during rappelling. Nana even scolded the pakcik misai that guarded us during the rappelling session omg Nana I cannot la HAHAHAHAHA. But somehow she's very kind as she gave me one of her socks since I left mine ((yes I left my towel too yes I am genius))


Lots of people said that he looks like Fizo Omar. Fuyo. I like it when one of the campmasters said ghosts are famous in an area with pokok kelapa sawit and when everyone started to look around ((to make sure there's no kelapa sawit around)), then he was like "oh so now you guys start to look around lah?" 


She is good at drawing!!! I've once saw she was drawing something from her blackberry ((like a deer or something)) and it was so pretty! To be honest I initially wanted her to draw my face but nah we got no time and I am shy (pls)


He LOVES selfies a lot! Though I did not talk much to him but I saw him taking selfies with others pretty much a lot! Big thanks to him for creating the group for campers. Everybody still cannot move one from the camp oh well ((kesat air mata guna lengan baju))


She is also my groupmate. Hazirah is a very caring person. She is more like a big sister because she took care of everyone well! And she even helped me with my business assignments omg I cannot la like this :''') #sisterharu


Dina is my tent-mate, coursemate and college-mate as well hehehe. I really love it when she speaks in Kelantan dialect especially when she's angry HAHAHA. "Bengong aku nok sumbat benda ni celoh mano" <--- I remember she said this when we were trying to roll then tent back lol


One solid reason why I noticed this guy is because Dina was struggling to find him because his essay was with her ((that essay's a darn long one tho)). I did not have the chance to talk to him in real life but he seems nice in the group chat


Right, since everybody keeps on getting confused, she's Bella. I am Bell. Or Bells. Please. Jangan tertukar dah ok lepas ni yalls. Or people know her by Bella Gojes la hahahaha. She is hyper as well, and she's petite which makes her look younger than me ((bcs I think we are both at the same age or is she older than me?))

Kak Aika

I love it when she talked about Nutella on how she used Nutella on her face as moisturizer it was just HAHAHAHA SO FUNNY I CANNOT. Oh and Danial told me that she's my senior in BENSS at IIUM ((ye so many students from IIUM joined this camp)). And her phone cover is so pretty!!!


Alright, this lady. I have my respect on her because she traveled all way long from Sabah to KL just for this #EJCamp :''') And I got her essay on the first day. Honestly, I thought she was a boy because of her name ((I'm sorry babe don't hate me T_T))


Believe it or not, I started to talk to him only when we were inside the bus, going back to KL Sentral. See how friendly I was :') Adam is also my college-mate ((I just knew)) and he has braces wuwuwu. He's cool and SO GOOD with captions on every picture he posted and he's very fond of sending his selfies to our group chat ((Adam I wrote good things about you pls treat me Starbucks at Jaya One))


My partner in essay! Apparently, she is my friend's junior. She has a pair of very fluffy cheeks and I always feel like pinching them but then I'm afraid that she would see me as a creep so nope


I never talk to him, but we did smile to each other once. ((I am socially awkward)) He's the only camper from Indonesia and we're glad to have him with us! And they said we've gone international because of him lol


At first, I thought he's Jeeva. Seriously. But then I heard Qayyum called his name and I turned "oh he's not". His ghost story about his friend Alif and Mrs. P gave me goosebumps man no lie! Especially whe he said "Mrs. P tu rupanya duk panggil dia"


The campmaster as well! She's so pretty especially in baju kurung. I didn't get to talk to her too much either because I am that awkward gerd I'm sorry


The pilot. Or I would call him the mysterious guy. He barely smile on the first two days. The first time I saw him smiling is when I was sitting next to him and Qayyum, telling about the shaman story and I was like "oh he smiles finally" lol ok jk don't crash my house with your plane. And I like his pictures at instagram!


This girl laughs a lot! Talk a bit, then laugh. Talk some more, then laugh again. No talk at all pun boleh laugh also


She looks like one of my friend and I love her denim shirt that she wore at KL Sentral on the first day of this camp! I heard her singing Lego House by Ed Sheeran when we were in the jungle and yes, her voice is so nice


I know her because of Afi. Afi teased her a lot because they stayed in the same tent. She's cool and nice, even both of us rarely talked to each other but it's ok there's always time to do so :3

Mysara & Hadi Alloha

I just knew that they are siblings!! Omg I am so lame! No wonder they kinda look alike ((of course they are related to each other smh))


She's cool. And has chubby cheeks as well. One of my groupmates but I rarely talked to her :(


I don't know why but when we were in the forest, I always have this feeling of protecting her. She's more like my little sister that I want to protect from those sticks and rocks inside the forest

Kak Dee

I barely talk to her but what I remembered is, I sat next to her, and both of us watched on how Anwar Hadi diligently ate the sausages and cocktails during campire

Kak Puteri

Kak Puteri is so nice and lovely! ((but I've witnessed she teased Batrisyia a lot lol)) And I don't know how both of them managed to stay awake until Subuh even when we have jungle trekking and rappelling on the next day

Kak Elli

My another campmaster! She's attached to Kak Faiqah and both of them are so cute ((especially when they were playing batu Seremban together with Qayyum))

Kak Sara

She's so adorable!!!! She's the one who greeted us with EJ banner. And she's older sister to Megat


I think she's Afi's tentmate as well. Another person with braces. She's older than me but looks way more younger oh mai god stress gini

I think that is all that I can recall from the camp. I am sorry if I left anybody from this post I have a bad memory I'm sorry don't hate me :(((

In shaa Allah, if Allah wills, I would like to sign up as the campmaster on the next #EJCamp !

Till we meet again, everybody.

Love, Bell 

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